Extruded Planters

Extruded Planters

Each piece is hand built without the use of a potters wheel, and is high fired to stoneware. Perfect for either indoor or outdoor. Due to the unique nature of ceramic hand-building, there will be variations to the size, shape, texture, stains and glazes used. Each piece will be one of a kind, and individually signed with the artists initials, and year that it was made. Each planter comes with drainage holes.

Extruded planters can be ordered as custom items. You choose the shape, size, and glaze color. (Refer to the textures page for more color choices.) Please contact me for more details.

Email: [email protected]

Coral Reef Extruded Planter

Large Denim Planter

Large Cinnabar Extruded Planter

Cinnabar Extruded Planter 10x10x6

Denim Extruded Planter 10x10x6

Teal Extruded Planter 10x10x6

Arctic Char Planter 10x10x6

Denim Blue Planter 6x6x4

Denim Blue Planter 10x10x6

Matte Green Extruded Planter 10x10x6

Teal Extruded Planter 10x10x6

Wine Sky Extruded Planter 10x10x6

August 1, 2014